Gas Prices

You may have noticed gas prices are down. The media has different explanations for this but as we know our trusted media can usually not in fact be trusted.

In my “Politics of the Middle East” class today, Dr. Jomaa asked the class if they knew why this was happening, if they had even stopped to question it. After calling on student after student, coming up with more and more complicated and unrelated explanations for why this was so, she gave us her insight.

It is a well known fact that ISIS has hijacked several oil mines, and this is their main source of income. It is also known that Turkey is buying oil from them, but what is not known or publicized is that all countries, including our Land of the Free, is also purchasing oil from the extremist organization. They’re doing this because ISIS is pushing the oil on a black market, at substantially lower prices.

The very terrorist organization we claim to be fighting, we are funding. The more you know.

Beauty of Life

Life has been a series of unfortunate, and overwhelmingly beautiful events.

There’s things like last night. Where my friends came out from 40 minutes away to practically push me to go on stage at open mic. By the time I went on, the crowd was full of loved ones. By the time I got off, I was glowing. To express yourself musically on stage, putting yourself on the line, and to be received so wonderfully by a room full of loved ones, is a feeling I won’t forget soon. I was so overwhelmed with love on my way home, tears welled up in my eyes.

And then this morning. When I woke to an e-mail, with my official acceptance letter to the University of Melbourne, Spring 2015. Yes, I will be in Australia in 3 months. Yes I will be leaving all my possessions and loved ones to go half way across the globe. Yes I am scared and excited and overwhelmed all at the same time.

But that’s exactly what life is about.

Lovely days

Today I am thankful for my friends, dogs, lovely views,  bare feet, and music.

We all got together and went on this beautiful trail. I climbed boulders and walked paths bare foot in 40 degree weather, and it was both challenging and motivating. We went back to my friends place, where I hooped my heart out for the first time in weeks, and blew some inexperienced minds. I jammed on the guitar, ukulele, and djembe. We got pizza, drank some beers, and I came home.

Seven people have told me I’m intimidating this week. Some men say it’s because I’m intimidatingly “beautiful” which sounds like a load of horse shit to me, and some women say it’s because I seem “cool”. My friends say it’s because I’m real, honest, and true, and you probably wouldn’t want to fuck with me. And you know what, I finally see why they might say that. People are afraid of honesty, or rather, intimidated by it.

Needless to say, I feel amazing. I’m embracing every moment, loving myself, being loved, and loving others, and what more could one ask for?

This too shall pass

I’ve been sick. In the past year I’ve really been sick.

I’ve had pneumonia in the dead of summer. With a 102 fever, chills, sweats, body aches. I cried one night because I was in so much pain. I wondered if my pain tolerance was low, or if I really was just incredibly sick.

I’ve had pityriasis rosea. Generally a harmless rash, but for some people, the rash itches. I became part of that lucky group of people. For many months I had these bumps all over my skin that itched, that I couldn’t cure, that I couldn’t diagnose. Over time, it too faded, and the suffering along with it.

Not this time. This time, I have scabies. A mite that burrows in your skin, lays eggs, and leaves debris (feces if you couldn’t catch on). The side effect is a heinous, extraordinarily all-consuming itch that will, over the course of their stay, drive you into insanity. I fell into a depression, I no longer felt comfortable in my own skin. It is called scabies because you itch it so hard and so much that scabs form and leave scars.
The treatment? A carcinogenic insecticide cream you put all over your body. Over the course of a month it kills the mites and hopefully eggs, leaving debris in your skin that STILL makes you insanely itchy for a whole month after. That is if it works.

I am in the healing phase right now. I am writing this to remind myself–this too shall pass. The scars will fade, and with them the memory of the itch. What seems like the world now, is only a learning experience, something that makes you stronger. So, future me, congratulations on being stronger, wiser, and healthier.


The Butterfly Effect

The Butterfly Effect

Ever wondered what would happen if you took a left instead of right? We make thousands of decisions every day, with every step we take and every word we speak. These decisions shape our destinies in ways we cannot begin to imagine. Had you not left your keys in your apartment, you wouldn’t have been thirty seconds later in crossing the street, and you would’ve been hit by the speeding car.

Sometimes I wonder what would happen if I had chosen to keep walking on the fateful day I met the people who changed my life. I was fourteen years old, on my walk home from the bus stop. Kids were blowing puffs of smoke on the church yard right next to my house. I was blasting music through my headphones when I heard one of them beckoning me. Confused, I kept walking.

“I’m gay, I won’t rape you!” Naturally, I thought to myself, I could be friends with these people. At the last moment before the church yard was out of sight, I turned around. But in an alternate world where I didn’t trust my gut, I shyly kept walking. I wouldn’t have smoked a cigarette until years later, wouldn’t have tried adderall until I was in college, wouldn’t have dabbled with ecstasy, cocaine, LSD, and mushrooms well into my later years. I wouldn’t have experienced drug addiction, overdoses, and poverty. I wouldn’t have experienced raves, festivals, and spiritual enlightenment. I would’ve continued leading a privileged middle-class white girls life. I would’ve gotten to college and failed all my classes because I was experiencing all these new and exciting things. I would fail out of college, deeming the education life not fit for me. I would live in my parents house, in my sisters shadow. It would take me years to figure out what I wanted to do with my life, to realize that education is sacred and important, to realize that drugs are not everything, and raves are not fun.

But I turned around.

Little did I know at that moment I was shaping my entire being and destiny. I was becoming the person I am today.

Reasons I deactivated my Facebook

To focus on the present moment. I found myself diving into the world of social media when I could’ve been participating in real interactions. I kept going to check my Facebook while I was with friends or in class, and realized how often it consumed me.

To gain full awareness of my obvious dependency on it, and realize what a huge role it came to play in my life.

To escape from the immense stupidity and absurdity that took place on it. Ignorant and meaningless posts, blind spreading of false information. It has such a negative effect on my view of humanity, and we all need to free ourselves from it. I reactivated my facebook today, and was bombarded with mind-numbing videos and posts. Maybe if we all had a wordpress our culture wouldn’t be heading for the fucking landfill.

Science of Astrology — Is it real?

I have always been a firm believer in Astrology. In fact, I recently got into a heated argument with my roommates about whether it was real or not. I could not believe how ignorant they were. So I decided to do some academic research and turned to good ole’ JSTOR (if you want learn, go there). I found an article “Scientists look at Astrology”. I thought, here we go! Some scientific evidence!

Instead I found a lengthy explanation of how Astrology is a pseudoscience (a science that is based on no real tested research and cannot truly be demonstrated to be real). As I read, I realized that there is actually no proof of there being any relationship between the stars and our personalities and dispositions. And when you think about it, how is there any possibility that the position of the stars at our time of birth has any correlation with how we end up? And even if by some miracle there was a possibility of this, psychologists found that “By offering the public the horoscope as a substitute for honest and sustained thinking, astrologers have been guilty of playing upon the human tendency to take easy rather than difficult paths. […] The result of this confusion is to prevent those people from developing truly scientific habits of thought that would help them understand the natural, social, and psychological factors that are actually influencing their destinies.”

Conclusion? There is no evidence supporting astrology, except that it has been used since Babylonian times in several cultures until present day. Then again, so have the Biblical stories. The truth lies in whatever you wish to believe.

For more information here’s the article.

Daily dose of advice

Never forget to exercise your soul, body, and mind. I exercise my mind through my education every day, my soul through music, and my body through yoga and hoop dancing. Stop wasting away in front of screens. You’ll wake up in five years and wonder “What the fuck have I been doing with my life?” I urge you to find your passions and exercise them every day. And if you already do that, keep on keepin on.